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DJ Efosa

Brazilian Zouk Program
DJ Efosa, alongside his bro Aaron Montgomery (DJ Swift), started learning how to DJ in 2020 during the pandemic under the tutelage of internationally respected DJ Fro-Yo (Tom Lev). In addition to learning from Fro-Yo, Efosa started to learn from other knowledgeable DJs such as Brixx, Nhat, Archie, RX, Casanova, and others in the Brazilian Zouk & Kizomba world. Whenever possible, he desires to connect the traditional, modern, and less explored styles of music in Brazilian Zouk. He does so to both pay respects to the culture from which the dance originates from while also introducing & bringing in new music flavors to the dance. He has played at local NYC socials such as Solas and Senior as well as Brazilian Zouk weekenders, marathons, retreats, and other events such as Eclipse Zouk Marathon, Zouk Heat, and Mind Movement Magic.
You can find him on https://www.mixcloud.com/efosa-uwa-omede.