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Sergio Uribe

Sergio Uribe began dancing various rhythms in 2002. In 2009 he began to take Lambada classes and continued training with different teachers from Argentina and attending various workshops from the top teachers in the dance. He has been teaching Lambada classes and workshops from 2010 until the present. In 2013 he studied Jazz and Ballet. In 2015 he traveled to Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro as an assistant of Romina Hidalgo, performing and giving classes in Capital Zouk. He was invited, together with Romina Hidalgo and Leo Bruno to the radio program Argentina Baila Lambazouk. He also participated in the 4th Buenos Aires Dance Congress, giving classes and working as part of the organizing team. In January 2017 he took part in Berg’s Congress, one of the most important events in Lambada, giving Lady’s Styling classes and dancing in a choreography organized by Romina Hidalgo. In 2017/18 he gave classes for Lamba Femme in Buenos Aires, organized by Leticia Castro. In April 2017, 2018 and 2019 he gave classes in the Buenos Aires Megazouk congress, organized by Dada Abalo. In October 2017, he gave classes and performed a show in the Sao Paolo International Dance Congress, organized by David and Deywilla. In October 2018, he gave classes in the Zouk Paradise Congress, organized by Mara Santos.