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Ryel Velandia

Ry’el Performer, choreographer, instructor, Dance coach. 2014-16 Bras Do Santos Brazouka’s dance captain / company member, 2013 International Zouk Flashmob choreography winner with his sister Clo Ferreria, 2013 World salsa Summit champion. Cast for TV show Mira Quien Baila 1st season (Look who is dancing, Univision) 2010, Performed as part of Cecilia Marta’s dance Company in NYC Summer stage at central park and DRA Gala (dancer responding to aids) and creator of ZenZouk ,
a method of teaching Brazilian Zouk lambada and over all body movement thru multiple exercises and philosophies based on the “elements” Including earth water fire and air- as symbols for analyzing dance and personal movement.

Ry’el’s main aim is to educate and cultivate the appreciation for each one of these different styles of Brazilian Zouk-Lambada , building a strong foundation of versatility by embracing evolution thru the classics techniques found in the origins of our dance (Lambada).

His rich formal dance training in classical ballet, jazz, World Jazz, modern dance, international Latin, and social dances like Salsa, Bachata, cha-cha and different Brazilian Zouk styles enables him to understand, share & create flavorful and fluid organic movement in each of his works as well in his teachings. His expressive sensuality and trained eye for technique through his Body and mind connections philosophies makes a unique class experience. Ry has been inspired by many dancer and a had the opportunity to work and trainn with some of the pioneeer lambaderos including Braz do Santos, Gilson, Bebe, Josey, Leo, Rominita , Natasha to mention some.

He is as passionate about teaching as he is about performing. His works and teaching have been seen at multiple venues and Salsa and Zouk Congresses around the world and the United States including, New Jersey, NYC, Miami, Utah, L.A , Boston, DC, Seattle, Hawaii, North Carolina and countries like Spain, Canada, Brazil, England, Croatia, Argentina, Czech republic, South Africa and Australia.

He joined strengths with SYTYCD 1st season runner up Ashle Dawson creating a whole series of How to… Dance videos at HOWCAST.com

Ry’el and his partner Jessica( the unicorn) are currently working on sharing more of the zenzouk philosophy to the zoukers around the world from their home base NYC